Kitchen Gas Engineers

When you create your dream kitchen there is a lot to consider and if you don’t know where to go there are a lot of different contractors and trades people to deal with. Here at Kitchen Craftsmen we do it all for you. We have every trade under one roof, ready to help you with every trade or service your dream kitchen requires.

Here at Kitchen Craftsmen we have a team of fully qualified kitchen gas engineers. We understand that natural gas is one of the most economical types of fuel to use, however it can also be an incredibly serious safety threat in the home if not installed correctly. Whilst carbon monoxide poisoning is relatively rare it can be fatal and this is why our kitchen gas engineers are always updated with the latest training and news in the gas industry. All of our gas engineers are Gas Safety Registered and competent in the domestic and commercial area of gas work. As Gas Safe Registered engineers our team ensure that all work they do in your kitchen is completed competently and safely.

The kitchen gas engineers know that you want to turn your dream kitchen into a reality; they understand that you don’t want to worry about gas safety so, when you choose Kitchen Craftsmen, you can be confident that all your gas equipment is safely installed, in good working order and compliant.

If you need to change the design or layout of your kitchen you may want to consider moving your gas oven or cooker, if this is the case we can help. There is no point in designing the dream kitchen but not having the gas oven where you want it so why not move it? We can offer you advice and guidance on the best place for your gas over to be in your new kitchen.

Why not contact our Kitchen Gas Engineers to see how they can help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality.